Metal Power is the pioneer inthe field of CCD-based  Optical Emission Spectrometer that beased.
We offer the widest rage of spectrometers at the best in its' class.
with entry level " Moss" World's most smallest, most Economical.
" Every Factory can have your own Spectrometer."

From entry level, we have more and more accuracy and wider range of analysis to the top of its' class.

In Thailand, we select the most reliable partner with highest reputation in sales/services, MMT ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

Compact and affordable 
Optical Emission Spectrometer
Smallest and lightest as OES ever
Every Factory can own the Spectrometer
Metavision 108NN+
Rugged nd versatile throughbred
Another step from Moss
Rapid , precise, accurate analysis
with Nitrogen analysis

Metavision 1008i

Laboratory Power house

Dpatent D-scan optics 

for high resolution acroos  all elements and based

C(15ppm), S and P ( 10ppm) and N ( 15ppm) in all manner of steels

40+ elements analysis : including ROHS elements

Metavision 1008i3

More than Excellence

Patented TD-Scan Optics

55+ elements including O, N, C, S, P ( less than 10ppm)

analysiis of pur metals(99.995+ purity)

powder analysis, ultra fine wire, ultra thin foils

Metavison 10008X series
Zenith of Sensitivity at the Edge of Technology
Highest most stingent standards of accuracy
Precision and reliability
60+ elements including O, N, H to low levels
single and sub ppm limit for all elements
Time resolved spectroscopy(TRS) and soluble-insoluble analysis
Built-in  closed-loop purification for Optics
Certified Reference Materials (CRM) are standard box of Metal 
With certificates indicating of concentration their various constituent elements 
With our ISO-17025 Cerified LAB 
The Metals sample are manufactured using advanced techniques
for homogeneity ans assure the highest quality.

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