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MODEL 3542 

General purpose strain gage extensometers for axial tensile,

compression, and cyclic testing. Gauge lengths from 10 to 80 mm

(and 0.5 to 2 inches) and full scale measuring ranges from 5% to 100% strain.


Long gauge length extensometers with gauge lengths 100 mm (4 inches)

or greater for tensile and compression testing. These units have been specially designed

for long gauge length applications where low level strain measurements are required.

MODEL 3442

Small profile and ultra-light weight, these units are appropriate for testing small and delicate samples

yet rugged enough for daily use on standard specimens.

Ideal for strain measurement of wire specimens,

sheet materials, and standard ASTM or ISO specimen geometries.

Excellent for low and high cycle fatigue testing.

MODEL 3448 High Temp Extensometer

Designed for use with furnaces and induction heating systems,

these extensometers use Epsilon’s exclusive, self-supporting design.

A wide range of options cover most testing applications.


MODEL 3575 Transverse Extensometer

Designed for general purpose transverse or

diametral strain measurement on axially loaded specimens.

This model may be used simultaneously

with the Model 3542 axial extensometer.

Non-Contact VDO Extensometer

Breakthrough Performance  •  Incredibly Easy to Use  •  Works With Any Test Machine
Epsilon ONE high-precision optical extensometers measure

axial strain with industry-leading resolution, accuracy, and speed.

Innovative Instant Reset, Always On and Laser Alignment features

maximize performance and increase testing throughput.

Signal conditioner , Calibration and Transfer of Accuracy 

SHUNT Calibrator

Designed to allow Epsilon’s extensometer calibration to be easily transferred to a customer’s electronics,

the Epsilon Shunt Calibration System is available for any strain-gaged extensometer

ASC Analogue Signal Conditioners

The SGA series signal conditioners are ideal for cyclic and high speed testing

where no display is needed. Available in single and dual channel versions,

they provide the signal conditioning electronics needed for a strain gage based extensometer.

MODEL 3590 Extensometer Calibrator

Epsilon’s standard calibrator features 0.001 mm (50 microinches) resolution

and has 50 mm (2 inches) of measuring range.

The autozero button and digital display greatly simplify calibration of extensometers.

The 3590 calibrator is useful for extensometer calibration and verification with test systems.

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