Universal Testing Machines, Tensile - Compression Test
TesT GmbH, Germany is the manufacturer of Force Testing Machines, Torque, Tortion and Tension Testers Including  Screw Testing Machines.
TesT provide Simple Force Test Frame from simple task to Universal Testing Machines with sophisticat Technology Control/software
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Model 101 Test Frame is simple

single column for maximum

Test Load up to 500 N ( 50 Kgf)

With 70mm. stroke, 500 mm. hieght

Fit to any force Gauge

Model 102 Single Column 

Manual Hand wheel operation

For Test Load up to 1000N( 100Kgf)

More space for Clamp vise

Model 103 

One column Test Frame 

Test Load up to 1000N( 100Kgf)

with Motorised drive

Model 104

Two column Test Frame 

Test Load up to 5000N ( 500Kgf)

With manual Hand wheel operation

Model 105

Two Column Test Frame 

Test Load up to 5000N ( 500Kgf)

with  Built-in increment 0.1mm resolution.

variable speed and limit switch 

Universal Testing Machines system
Start easy by select Test Frame to match the Test Load and  Test space 
All Test Frame will be control Through TesT 850 Control Box with Testwinner Software
Then you can select the Clampin vise and more...
The model TesT 106 is a single-spindle machine covering a force range of up to 2 kN. 
The model series TesT 110 was specifically designed for the medical industry, the food industry and the micromechanics and electronics. The basic structure of this compact model is a two-column design in the standard version. With its small dimensions a range of up to 2 kN can be measured precisely.
The model series TesT 112 covers a range up to 50 kN and can be used flexibly for different applications. The design is based on a tabletop model, but according to the measuring range or the required working space height the model 112 can also be executed as a stand-alone version.
These testing machines are the stand-alone model series by TesT. The machines of model series 113 are suitable for measuring ranges between 50 kN and 100 kN.
Model series 114 has been designed for ranges from 200 kN to 400 kN. Machines from series 115 are availbale for upper range values of 500 kN and 600 kN. The construction of these model series allows the use as calibration machine.
SoftTesT provides data acquisition and evaluation of force and torque transducers and measurement devices of other physical quantities.

TesTWinner® provides controlling, data acquisition, evaluation and management of data obtained from all TesT universal and torsion testing machines.
Torsion and Torque Testing Machines Series
In standard version Torsion testing machines by TesT are executed as horizontal machines with torsionally rigid machine bed. They are individually built as construction kit versions, always in accordance with customer demands. Thus, it is easily possible to incorporate individual preferences and specific customer requirements. Drive and control units, machine tables, frames and data acquisition will be integrated as finished components. All torsion testing machines are equipped with the TesTController 850 that is TEDS compatible.
Torsion Testing for Precision Mechanics
The testing machines of model series 215 were developed and built for applications with extremely small measuring ranges, below 0.1 Ncm, and highest precision. They are for example used in watch idustry or medical technology.
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